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Prompt One

Niam mpreg!!!! Niall wakes up in bed with Liam, and doesn’t remember what happened the night before, and finds out he’s pregnant a few weeks later. And you can take it from there! ’ - Anon

 I don’t really do mpreg (I should have said that, my bad!) so this is probably nothing what you wanted but I hope you like it anyway!


 Niall’s stomach rolled rebelliously and he was sure he was going to lose everything he had eaten that day.

 And maybe he shouldn’t have forced himself to eat breakfast but Harry had cooked and it had smelt so good and now he was seriously regretting having eaten anything.


  Never mind just that morning.

 And thinking of food-.


 He was running to the bathroom and throwing his guts up before he could even finish the thought.

Why was life so unfair?

 He had been feeling ill for the last few days, hot and achy and the mere idea of food making him feel sick to his stomach, and he really didn’t know what it was.

 None of the other boys were ill and they had spent the last few weeks together, eating at the same restaurants, being squashed onto the same sofas for interviews, sprawling over each other in the tour bus, and it just really wasn’t fair.

 Why was he suffering so much when they were getting to carry on as normal?

 There was a knock on the bathroom door then which Niall barely heard over the sound of his own retching and a voice called his name.

 “Fuck off.” Niall choked out, knowing who it was.


 Of course it would be.

 It always was.

 And it wasn’t that Niall didn’t like the older boy, because he did, a lot, but things had just been so strange between them the past few weeks after…

 After Niall had woken up in Liam’s bed.


 And maybe he had freaked out and maybe he had said a few things that he shouldn’t have but who could blame him?

 He had had feelings for Liam for months and then to wake up one morning after a heavy night of drinking and not remember a thing? It was just cruel!

 Because they had obviously had sex.


 And he couldn’t remember any of it.

 He hated life sometimes.

 “Niall?” Liam tried again before letting himself into the bathroom. “Are you- are you okay?”

 Niall just glared at him, miserably, and rested his head against the cool plastic of the toilet seat.

 “Shit.” Liam said, frowning.

 Niall just groaned.

 “Do you think you’re going to be sick again?” Liam asked.

 Niall shook his head.

 His stomach was empty, there wasn’t anything left to come up.

 “Right, let’s get you to bed then.”

 Niall let Liam pull him up from the bathroom floor and followed him on unsteady legs back to his bed.

 He sunk into the soft mattress and pulled the covers up over his slim frame and Liam ran fingers through his hair.

 It felt good.

 So good.

 He felt his eyes slipping closed.

 “Niall?” Liam whispered some time later and Niall forced himself to look at the older boy, now laid on the bed next to him.


 “Do you think you being ill might have something to do with… well, with us?”

 Niall frowned and said again, “huh?”

 “I don’t remember using protection, do you?”

 “What are you trying to say?” Niall asked, his words thick and slurred with sleep.

 “What if you’re pregnant?”

 “Pregnant?” Niall repeated, dumbly.

 “It all makes sense.” Liam told him, serious brown eyes locking with Niall’s. “We have sex and then a couple of weeks later you start feeling ill… Maybe I should go to the shop and buy a test.”

 “A test?”

 “You go back to sleep, Niall, I’ll be back soon.” Liam told him, pressing a kiss on his brow.

 Niall wanted to protest, his stomach twisting with fear and worry, but his eyes slipped shut of their own accord.

 It didn’t seem long until there was someone shaking him awake.

 “Wha-?” He mumbled.

 “It’s positive!” Liam’s grinning face came into view and he was waving a positive pregnancy test in his face. “Look, Ni, we’re going to be Dads!”


 “Yes, oh God, I love you so much! We’re going to have a little girl or boy and they’re going to be so beautiful. I hope they have your eyes…”

 “But, I- we’re too young!” Niall found himself protesting. “What about the other boys? The tour? The fans?”

 Liam pouted at him, his eyes filling with tears, “don’t you want to have my baby, Niall?”

 “Of course I want to-.”


 Liam’s face became blurry as his vision swam.

 “We’re going to be great Dads.” Niall mumbled.


 A cold hand pressed against his forehead and he tried to squirm away from the touch, tangling himself in his covers.

 “Just scared, Liam.” He murmured, hot tears welling in his eyes. “I’m too young to be pregnant.”

 “Pregnant?” A startled voice repeated. “What the hell?”

 “He’s probably just delirious, the fever-.”

 Niall forced his eyes open and they gazed listlessly at the four faces that stared down at his.

 He looked at Liam, fear making his stomach twist painfully, “the baby-?”

 Liam gave him a smile that looked forced, “you’re not very well, Niall, you’re in the hospital.”

 “Nooo…” Niall moaned weakly, moving sluggish hands to cradle his stomach.

 “Maybe we should go get a doctor.” Zayn said, worriedly.

 “You’re not pregnant.” Harry told him and Niall didn’t understand why he was laughing.

 “You never were.” Liam said, taking one of Niall’s hands in his own and giving it a squeeze.

 “Boys don’t get pregnant.” Louis didn’t even try to keep the smile off of his face.


 “It was just a dream, Nialler.” Harry told him.

 “What?” Niall asked and he started to cry in earnest now. “There’s no baby?”

 “That’s it, I’m getting a doctor.” Zayn said and he disappeared from Niall’s sight.

 “Oh, Jesus.” Louis choked out. “This is hilarious, why aren’t we filming this?”

 “No, there’s no baby.” Liam told him, running a soothing hand through Niall’s sweaty hair. “You must have imagined it, you’re fever’s been very high… doctor said you could…going to be okay.”

 Niall wasn’t listening anymore, feeling suddenly exhausted, he let sleep claim him once again.

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